Cristina Dejuan is an artist from Lleida a city in Catalonia, Spain. She studied illustration, graphic design, and printing in Lleida, Barcelona and Paris and she did her internship in Bristol. She used to do illustrations for kids books with monsters and creatures that she liked to imagine but lately she has been doing adult illustration, erotic drawings and started going through a new path in her style. She often says that her illustrations shows the most important parts of herself; the inside kid and the strong woman. 

For the last 3 years she has been travelling a lot in Asia and when she was in India and Japan, she got a very big wave of inspiration. The rich variety of cultures they have, their art, the street hand lettering, their clothes, the food, the colourful cities, the amazing nature and the spirituality of those countries gave her a great energy to experiment and create. After that, she stopped for a while in Australia and did a showcase with all the work she did while travelling that was specially about women's empowerment and sexual liberation. 

She gets inspired from what she sees while travelling, the landscapes, the people, their art...and also about things that she disagrees with or that empower her. After a trip to Israel that helped her to evolve in many ways, she went back to Catalonia and started to learn graffiti techniques and mural painting and soon she is going to Ghana to paint in a school and to do an art project with the kids. 

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